Love Learn Live – About the Author

In her early twenties, after a whirlwind love affair, Csilla left university and rode off into the sunset on the back of her soul-mate’s motorbike.

Within five years, she’d borne four children, and had soon begun the consuming journey of homeschooling her offspring.

Fifteen years on, she is Queensland’s foremost homeschooling consultant with clients across the state.

In amongst what some might argue was a fairly hectic schedule, Csilla has also been a commissioned artist, a Yoga student, an Aikido student, a part-time model (but not an air-hostess) and, in more recent years, a tutor and a homeschooling consultant.

Csilla lives with her partner of 21 years, Tim. She is also surrounded by her many children, a dog called Zen, a cat they named Pimp (he used to work the street) and some wonderful friends.

Csilla hopes to continue loving and learning with her family, writing books, working with other families through her consultancy, living by the beach and doing as much Yoga as she can feasibly fit in.