Love Learn Live launched

Icon Publishing is proud to announce the launch of ‘Love Learn Live‘.

‘Love Learn Live’ is one mother’s heart-warming story about how she and her family chose to love, learn and live with their children rather than give them up to the ‘system’ at an early age.

It delves, controversially at times, tenderly at others, into the philosophies and values that are causing more and more families to consider educating their children from home, and highlights the many benefits that can result for the whole family.

‘Love Learn Live’ explores (and detonates) many of the fears and myths associated with ‘homeschooling’, including the most prevalent and misunderstood of all concerns – the all-important SOCIAL question.

It also reminds all parents that they are in fact natural teachers, something that most of us have forgotten.

It leaves the reader with a clear message. Educating children within a loving home environment is not only a valid educational choice, but a choice of incredible empowerment and FREEDOM.