Synopsis: Love Learn Live

I forget how many times I have stood across from someone and watched the wonder on their face when I explained why my children were able to be standing next to me, or surfing on a Tuesday, or simply shopping with me during school hours.  “We homeschool.” was my simple answer.  Perhaps what made it more perplexing for them was that we did not personify most people’s perception of homeschooling – we looked normal!

The bottom line is that we educated at home successfully, and we hit goals, both academically and socially, that mystified many.  Most importantly, we did all that ‘academic stuff’ in half the time, and took all the regular school holidays and then some.  We did the ‘education thing’ in a relaxed, loving, surfing/skating lifestyle – the ultimate Aussie lifestyle (not a bad outcome for an immigrant like me).

So how come our children were not social misfits?  How had we escaped the rat-race of school?  Weren’t we disadvantaging our children by not having them in the ‘normal’ schooling system?  How had we gotten away with it?  And how in the end had the children managed to enter the mainstream schooling system at the turbulent age of 14-15 to complete senior and not only survive, but excel both educationally and socially?

Love Learn Live is our story, but through our story it attempts to shed more light on the ‘secret’ life of the modern homeschooler. It delves, controversially at times, tenderly at others, into the philosophies and values that are causing more and more families to consider educating their children from home.

Through our story it explores (and detonates) many of the fears and myths associated with ‘homeschooling’, including the most prevalent and misunderstood of all concerns – the all-important SOCIAL question. The book also reminds all parents that they are in fact natural teachers, something that most of us have forgotten.

It leaves the reader with a clear message.  Educating children within a loving home environment is not only a valid educational choice, but a choice of incredible empowerment and FREEDOM.