Synopsis: Martial Reflections

Martial Reflections web (3)Why do we buy books?

Sometimes it’s for entertainment… a really good story – excitement, emotion, adventure, tragedy…

Other times it’s for education. To learn about a new place… a new people… a new skill – or sometimes it’s both. We learn and we’re entertained. This is one of those times…

Martial Reflections: In Search of Wisdom is a collection of short stories blending practicality, philosophy and poetic imagery into a seamless whole that is both entertaining and educational. 

It is the true story of a man’s journey through the heart of the traditional martial arts of Japan and his dream of sharing what he has learned with young Australians, particularly those who live with permanent intellectual and physical disabilities.

The author is both Headmaster of a very successful Traditional Martial Arts School… and Founder and CEO of one of Australia’s most innovative post-school disability services.

Martial Reflections shares hard-won wisdom and leaves the reader feeling refreshed and inspired.