Love Learn Live


Love Learn Live is a brilliant book by Csilla first published a decade ago. Never more relevant than in today's setting...

A story about the love and life of a modern family who happened to educate their children at home.

Evolution or revolution?... you decide.

Have you ever wondered whether there was an alternative to handing your children over to the education system at such a tender age?

Have you had serious concerns about your child being subject to bullying or other inappropriate social pressures in the school environment (and felt there was nothing you do it about it)?

As a mother/parent, have you wondered why your family needs to be pulled apart as soon as your children are of school age (or even younger)?

Should you blindly follow these accepted 'norms'? Or is it maybe time to ask yourself some questions?


ISBN: 978-0-9874421-0-9
Publication Date: 2012
Dimensions: 135mm x 210mm
Pages: 196

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